Merger, acquisition and divestment activity – is a source of significant value for many organisations. However, many projects can create risks, while ultimately not delivering on the initial value case. This is particularly true for divestment work, where the 'internal' experience necessary successfully to deliver divestment is very rare, leading to unwanted complexity, and delay in execution and separation.

Merger and acquisition transactions are often executed quickly, under varying legal and regulatory requirements, creating significant risk of business interruption (particularly if business units are being divested) or value dilution (for assets being acquired).

Paradox Partners can help clients with:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Purchaser due diligence
    • Integration planning - identifying risks/issues with proposed transaction 'perimeter', and potential transitional services required for the acquired business.
    • Workstream management (e.g. co-ordination of multiple functional streams to ensure on-target completion/closing).
  • Divestments / carve outs
    • Vendor due diligence.
    • Separation planning - identifying risks/issues with proposed transaction 'perimeter'.
    • Separation execution (ensuring that a divested business is operational on 'day 1', and the divesting business has as effective a separation as possible), including;
      • Procurement and supply chain, or key customers/sales contracts;
      • brands and intellectual property;
      • people (ensuring in-scope employees are identified, relevant legal and consultation processes are managed, and appropriate communications put in place); and
    • Analysis of legal structure/entities required (e.g. does the separated business require a new entity/branch to employ staff in a 'separated' market)?
  • Transitional Services Agreements
    • Identify requirements, design cost/charging models and exit mechanisms.
    • Negotiation of Agreements (including stranded cost mechanisms).

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