Capability Development

Business transformation and constant change – with their increasing pressure on cost, revenue and margin have left many businesses, and their people, struggling to adapt to an ever-changing reality. While the very biggest companies have been able to invest in large scale training and development programmes, many busy executives, and their teams (in procurement, sales and other functions) are searching for more practical ways continuously to improve their skills.

Paradox Partners can help clients assess and develop their people's skills and expertise, focussing on a practical approach to procurement and sales contracting, with renewed perspective on the foundational processes, risks and opportunities in the third-party relationship process.

Paradox Partners can review your existing contracting process, to help identify the changing capability requirements of your organisation.

We can help you with:

  • Capability analysis
    • Analysis of people skills (e.g. negotiation skills, risk analysis, contract management).
    • Review of third-party engagement process, and experience, to enable identification of capability requirements.
  • Capability development
    • Capability development (e.g. creation of training materials, delivery of group training sessions, or one-to-one or one-to-few coaching sessions).
    • Follow-up work and capability modelling.

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